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The ISS Mouse Bucket Trap is the “better Mouse Trap”! It could very well be the last mouse trap you ever need.

Get rid of mice easily. Don’t settle for catching one mouse at a time and you don’t need a zillion mouse traps.

No mess, no smell, no poison, no trouble, and can be used over and over anywhere. Live catch or lethal, you decide. The best bucket trap yet!

This Multi-Catch mouse trap is used in conjunction with a five (six or seven) gallon plastic pail or waste basket (which is not supplied) with three to four inches of liquid in it (or dry for live catch).

The rodents that seek it out die of Cold Water Shock in about thirty seconds or drown in about two minutes (or are kept contained until you release them). There are no moving parts, nothing to set and the bait lasts for a long time as nothing usually gets to the bait. Use peanut butter (I use Jif Crunchy) that has good aroma and does not get rancid quickly or any high aroma, high fat, high sugar type food such as chocolate, soft candy, dog food, bacon, etc (anything you can get to stay in the bait holder). Cheese, it turns out, is not a very good bait. The very best mouse trap bait to date is a mixture of Jif peanut butter and bacon bits.

How and why this mouse trap works!

The curious nature of a mouse (and their good nose) brings them to the It’s So Simple Mouse Trap. They climb the ramp and while trying to get to the bait (the water acts as bait also in dry environments), they fall into the water and die (or into a nice bed waiting to be relocated).

One bucket trap per 20 foot by 20 foot (or smaller) room is adequate. Place the bucket trap (with three inches of water in it or dry, whichever you choose) in an “out of your way” place, fill the hanging down bait holder with bait and set the trap up over the bucket with the screw on the inside of the bucket. The dead mice can be flushed down the toilet with the water (you probably shouldn’t flush more than four or five mice at a time) or they can be fished out with a pair of tongs, or pliers and disposed of by other means.

Check the bucket trap daily to dispose of the dead mice or to tend to your catch (the quantity will depend on how many mice you have and is limited only by how many will fit in the bucket).

Change the bait periodically so it retains good aroma. Mice travel at night and/or when it is very quiet. I have caught mice in as little as twenty minutes after setting out the trap during daylight hours in a quiet room, but most are caught at night. If you have mice and don’t catch them with the ISS Mouse Trap, you need a more aromatic bait (the bait must be more enticing than other foods also available).

If your plan is to be lethal, the dead carcasses are in the water so with reasonably timely attention, there will be no smell. The water should be changed occasionally if you are fishing the mice out with tongs and disposing of them in plastic bags that go in the trash. The bait also needs to be changed periodically to retain a good aroma (many brands of peanut butter have fillers in them that turn waxy and get a rancid smell). Please be aware of the dangers of disease that mice and rats can spread. Wear rubber gloves and/or be sure to wash your hands after handling items that have had mice on them. The more the ramp is used, the more attractive it will become to rodents.

Use this mousetrap inside or out !

This mouse trap can be used outside to catch the little critters before they sneak inside. Put them by wood piles, around vehicles to keep the mice out (or in vehicles if they are infested), in the bushes along side your house, and other places mice might live. Mice only travel about thirty feet from their nest so place your traps appropriately.

If concerned about mosquitoes, put a little vegetable oil (also a bait and environmentally friendly) in the water to prevent mosquitoes from using the water as a breeding area. In freezing environments, use RV anti-freeze (DO NOT use automotive anti-freeze as it is harmful to pets, people and the environment) instead of water. Tongs are recommended to get the critters out of the liquid for disposal when using RV anti-freeze to save on the expense of RV anti-freeze. You can use the same RV anti-freeze for a long time.

These mouse traps are all hand made and the type of wood, screw and bait holder might differ. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you buy an ISS (It’s So Simple) mouse trap direct from the 4 Dot Ranch, and are unhappy for any reason, send the mouse trap (or mouse traps) back (stating the reason) and we will refund the price paid to a U.S address, plus U.S shipping costs to return. If you buy from a retailer that will not let you return the mouse trap to them, just send it to the manufacturer (stating the reason) within sixty days of purchase with a copy of your receipt and you will be refunded the purchase price paid (We cannot refund shipping cost to return unless the product is bought directly from us).

If you are not buying the ISS (It’s So Simple) mouse trap, please tell me why not – because you have absolutely no financial risk!


Fred Sowerwine


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Model  A5G:   This is the single stick model, 28″ long and 1.5″ wide.  $5.99 plus $3.14 shipping  =  $9.13.

Model TONG:  This is the mouse retrieval tongs, made out of wood and uses a rubber band that will need to be replaced occasionally.  Very primitive and only for mice removal  .$2.99 plus $2.34 shipping  = $5.33.

Places to use the ISS mouse trap:

  • In any room of the house.
  • In your garage, shop or barn.
  • In your RV, camper or trailer.
  • In the garden or greenhouse.
  • On your porch or patio.
  • In the warehouse.
  • On the loading dock.
  • Anyplace for mouse control.

Most any container can be used to hold the mice for lethal use. It needs to be at least ten inches deep and have straight walls that the mice cannot climb. The trap works best with the bait holder in the center of the container.

To live catch mice, the container needs to be 15 inches (or more) deep so they don’t jump out and don’t put any water in the bottom. Put something (shredded paper, cotton balls or leaves) in the bottom of the bucket to cushion their fall and to provide bedding to keep them warm until you tend to them. Maybe put something for them to eat, also.

If you are a retailer or distributor who would like to carry the ISS Mouse Trap, please contact Fred Sowerwine.

I do not collect email addresses for sale or bulk mail; all contacts are private exchanges between you and me for information only.


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